Where It All Began

This year we will be celebrating the Evolution of Design and will take visitors on a magical journey from the very first pioneers right up to the latest supercars, the not-to-be-missed show will boast seven special display stands, each dedicated to a seminal epoch.

Where It All Began: the age of the horseless carriage. The crossover between horse drawn carriages and motors car was represented by some truly wonderful innovations and designs. The period when it all began more than 130 years ago.

And where better to start our timeline than with the Benz Motorwagen – the game-changing three-wheeler widely hailed as the world’s very first car. Just one of those original trail-blazers survives and that’s safely in the Mercedes museum. A small number of exact replicas, however, have been produced with official access to that original Benz and one of those remarkable recreations will be taking pride of position at one end of the Evolution of Design timeline. The display will also include Scotland’s very first car, the remarkable 1893 Salvesen Steam Car and De Dion Trike.

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