The Talks Theatre Full Line-Up

This year we are delighted to welcome a new and exciting feature, our specially curated Talks Theatre. Hosted by much-loved broadcaster and racing driver Tiff Needell, the Talks Theatre offers you a special opportunity to listen to motoring celebrities and the industry’s leading experts talking through important milestones in the development and evolution of car design.

Over all three days of the show, Tiff Needell will be interviewing a succession of high-profile personalities and leading lights from within the classic car and wider motoring sectors. The forum’s main topic of conversation will focus on the show’s central theme of ‘The Evolution of Design’ with some of the world’s top car designers sharing their thoughts on 135 years of automotive progress. It is an intriguing journey that has taken motoring from pioneering horseless carriages to the latest futuristic electric sportscars and a timeline which will be celebrated by seven special feature displays within the show, each one dedicated to an exciting epoch. The talks will focus on some of the highlights of car design from engines, body styles, racing cars and technology.

We are delighted to have Tiff Needell as this year’s official host for our specially curated Talks Theatre. Tiff is very well-known to all car enthusiasts as a TV presenter on BBC Top Gear, Fifth Gear and the now Lovecars programme on YouTube. He also reached the motor sporting heights of Formula 1 as well as the podium at the Le Mans 24 Hours race. With such a great track record and broadcasting pedigree, he is the perfect candidate!

Talks Theatre Timetable & Guests

Our impressive Talks Theatre line-up includes the following guests:

Friday’s line-up of guests includes Graham Earl, Andy Summers and Max Girardo.

Saturday’s line-up of guests includes Frank Stephenson and Richard Hammond,

Sunday’s line-up of guests includes Wayne Burgess, Steve Drummond, Charles Trevelyan & Angela Hucke.