Talks Theatre: Frank Stephenson joins Line-up

Frank Stephenson joins the Talks Theatre Line-up!


We are delighted to announce that Frank Stephenson, world-renowned car designer, will be joining our Talks Theatre line-up on Saturday 26th June at The London Classic Car Show this Summer.

Over the past three decades Frank Stephenson has been responsible to some of the world’s most significant and stylish driving icons including the reborn MINI and Fiat 500 supermins as well as stunning sportscars such as the Maserati MC12, Ferrari F430 and Mclaren 12C.

Not only will Frank Stephenson provide fascinating insights into the creative forces behind many of the greatest cars launched in recent years, but he will also provide an inspirational look into the future! Most intriguingly, he is currently working on a project to design remote-controlled cars to be raced on the surface on the moon, launched from Elon Musk’s Space X Falcon 9.

The Talks Theatre’s main topic of conversation will focus on the show’s central theme of ‘The Evolution of Design’ with some of the world’s top car designers sharing their thoughts on 135 years of automotive progress. It is an intriguing journey that has taken motoring from pioneering horseless carriages to the latest futuristic electric sportscars and a timeline which will be celebrated by seven special feature displays within the show, each one dedicated to an exciting epoch. The talks will focus on some of the highlights of car design from engines, body styles, racing cars and technology.