Celebrating 60 years
Celebrating 60 years of the Jaguar E-type

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Jaguar E-type with World famous E-type Icons

2021 marks the diamond anniversary of one of the most acclaimed and admired cars in automotive history – the legendary Jaguar E-type and we plan to celebrate this magical 60-year milestone in style at Syon Park in June.

We will celebrate this iconic sportscar anniversary, with an incredible timeline feature of the glorious E-types starring Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 models, highlighting both equally beautifully fixed head coupe and convertible roadster variants.

What’s more, the dazzling display will be topped by two absolute E-type legends – celebrated cars that are so revered by the cognoscenti that they are known just by their hallowed number plates: ECD 400 and 49 FXN.

Just weeks after the E-type’s headline-grabbing launch in front of international media at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, Graham Hill raced ECD 400 to a stirring debut victory at Oulton Park – thus confirming the stunning new Jaguar had true sportscar performance to match its stunning Malcolm Sayer styling.

The illustrious history behind 49 FXN is every bit as impressive. To further the E-type’s sporting credentials, Jaguar produced 12 highly-prized and now ultra-collectable ‘lightweight’ models in 1963 and, to contend with the high speeds reached at Le Mans, two of these were subsequently fitted with unique low drag coupe bodies. With its unique tapered nose and streamlined tail, 49 FXN is the most original, significant and unique of those.

Working closely with the Jaguar Drivers’ Club, this special showcase will provide our visitors with a full history of the E-type ranging from early ‘flat floor’ 3.8-litre engine paragons right up to 1975 when the Coventry production lines were finally switched off. Doubling the festivities, the final V12-powered Series 3 was introduced in 1971 and thus celebrates its own 50th this year.

When launched in 1961, the quintessential Jaguar sportster not only set new standards in automotive design but defined its generation. Described as ‘the most beautiful car ever made’ by none other than Enzo Ferrari, the eye-catching catwalk model epitomised the spirit and glamour of the Swinging Sixties.

As London started to swing, the E-type quickly became every bit as synonymous with the fun-loving cultural revolution as The Kings Road, Carnaby Street, the mini skirt, Biba and The Beatles. No wonder then, that it became so fashionable and the car of choice for all the major top celebrities, whether movie stars, supermodels, sporting heroes or chart-topping pop stars. Famous early E-type owners included Tony Curtis, Peter Sellers, George Harrison, Charlton Heston, Bridget Bardot, Frank Sinatra, George Best and Princess Grace… not to mention Austin Powers!