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The Ultimate Day Out For Classic Car Fans

At the end of a long and challenging Summer, we wanted to create an event that was a chance for you to get out, be safely entertained and celebrate the best of Classic Cars. We created a host of new and exciting things for you to do at The Classic Car Drive In Weekend, to bring the family along and have a great day out!

Rest assured that our team worked very hard to ensure the event was fully Covid compliant, safe and socially distanced. You can find out more about our health & safety measures here or in the video below.

The Track
The Track

The Bicester track was alive with the glorious sights and sound of Historic Motorsport, as we showcased a sample of some of the greatest cars ever driven! With five daily track shows across the weekend, we celebrated over sixty five of the very best racing cars across the decades, and gave you the chance to get up close along the track and watch these cars perform in all their glory. All our featured cars were positioned alongside the track in our working paddock, where visitors could view them come to life as well as the chance to talk to the owners of these very special vehicles.

We chose to showcase six of the most popular categories of historic race cars to share with you:

McRae 25 years
We payed tribute to the late rally icon Colin McRae. Twenty five years have passed since he won the World Rally Championship, but his name and achievements have very much been engraved in history. We brought together a collection of cars he wrestled with during his competition years, that took him to his win of the world title and beyond, a career which included 42 podium and 25 rally wins driving for Citroen, Ford, Subaru & Skoda. We thank Slowly Side Ways and Pro-Drive for supporting us and supplying these extremely thrilling cars.
Sports Cars
Featured a wonderful selection of open and closed racers from the golden era of motorsport, that competed at some of the most world renowned race circuits and continue to compete today at race meets such as Goodwood, Spa, Zandvoort, Silverstone and across the racing calendar.
GP & Formula One
Without doubt these cars represent the pinnacle of motorsport. Having evolved from humble beginnings these thoroughbreds share their genes with today’s technological masterpieces found in Formula One. We had a selection across the weekend driving on the Bicester track in what was a fantastic spectacle.
Le Mans
The world’s oldest race event has always stood for endurance, durability, speed and performance. We were privileged to share this rare treat, running these cars that have each competed at this unique racing competition.
Cars designed to drive over a variety of terrains in competition, have taken many forms over the history of rallying. We assembled some of the greatest cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s, with over 20 cars out on track drove across the day.
Vintage Racers
These pioneers of motorsport consisted of class-winning and record-holding vehicles of the infamous British hill climb events, having wins at Shelsley Welsh and Prescott, our selection of cars and owners remain firmly active in the vintage sports car club competition scene.
Touring Cars
These are cars that many of us can relate to as they were often the family car that was turned into superfast heavily modified race vehicles, driving at speed often nudging & bumping their way around the track - providing huge entertainment to the supporting motorsport fans.
Track Cars
Track Cars

Check out some of the amazing cars that were on show at our Historic Motorsport Track
for the weekend!

Your Chance To Buy
Buy, buy, buy...

The Classic car Drive In Weekend was much more than just a chance for you to admire an array of beautiful vehicles on display and on the track. We brought together over 50 exhibitors to make sure you got a chance to shop… be it for another Classic to add to your collection or a special piece of memorabilia…

We were delighted to be able to bring some of the UK’s leading Classic Car Dealers to Bicester Heritage. Our retailers offered the chance to finally pick up all of those essentials to help you restore and keep your Classic in mint condition. And if you were looking for some incredible AutoMemorabilia – from collectible toys, to vintage signs and Classic books or posters, it was all available right here at The Classic Car Drive In Weekend.

bicester heritage
Meet Our Bicester Heritage Specialists

Bicester Heritage, the home of Historic Motoring is home to over 30 best-of-breed historic motoring specialists and we were delighted that the technical site was open for our visitors to wander through and watch these great craftsmen at work. The former RAF site was filled with some great classic cars for you to admire as you made your journey through the show. Take a look at some of the specialists that were open during The Classic Car Drive In Weekend

Bonhams MPH
Going, Going, Gone!

As part of the weekend’s activities, we were delighted to partner with Bonhams MPH, as they hosted one of the season’s first live auctions.

MPH is the Modern, Popular and Historic motoring arm of Bonhams, the international auction house, renowned for its sales of rare and significant collectors motor cars at some of the world's most prestigious venues.

Based at Bicester Heritage, Bonhams MPH offers its expertise to the growing modern and affordable classics market with a simple online consignment process, which offers both sellers and buyers an efficient way to sell or purchase a car, via

MPH offers Sellers and Buyers alike a modest fee structure with Sellers paying 5% + VAT and Buyers 12.5% + VAT.

Car Clubs

We brought together over 25 of the UK’s leading Car Clubs, visitors came and met the ultimate Classic Car owners and enthusiasts as they showcased their pride and joy. From classic marques to the rare and amazing… we brought you over 300 of the greatest Classic Cars at their very best.

Drive In movies
The Classic Car Drive In

As part of your show ticket you automatically got to experience a Classic Drive In… where we showcased some Classic Car movies.

With Three screenings a day, you were able to choose from our selection of great cult classics, insightful and gripping documentaries or go for the full Hollywood power-fuelled blockbusters! You could simply Drive In to the cinema area on site before your scheduled film, park up and enjoy our homage to cars on the silver screen!

If you just fancied the Drive In experience, that was fine too, stand alone tickets for our great movies were also available!

Park & Display
Park & Display

We created a stunning new area at The Classic Car Drive In Weekend just for our visitors and their classic cars!

If you own a classic car, you could bring it to show, and it went on display in our Owner's Paddock in plain sight of all our other visitors! This area gave our visitors the chance to admire your personal pride and joy!