Aero-Engined Monsters

This year we will be celebrating the Evolution of Design and will take visitors on a magical journey from the very first pioneers right up to the latest supercars, the not-to-be-missed show will boast seven special display stands, each dedicated to a seminal epoch.

Aero-Engined Monsters: An important milestone in car design were the Edwardian racers of the 1910s. It marks a time where designers were searching for more and more speed. They looked to make cars lighter and massively more powerful via the adoption of huge aeroplane engines. It is a seminal time in car design and many of the foundations laid in this period persist in car design today.

The Evolution of Design story will include an eye-catching collection of these mighty ‘Aero-Engined Monsters’ from the early part of the 20th century; beasts confirmed include the unique 28-litre Fiat Isotta-Fraschini , an amazing Peugeot Indianapolis racer, a Fafnir Hall Scott Aero Special 1914/17, a Vauxhall Viper Aero and a Hispano Suiza delage 27 litre Hispano 1926/30.

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