Benz Motorwagen
1886 Benz Motorwagen

We’ll be celebrating 135 years of automotive history under our headline theme of ‘The Evolution of Design” at The London Classic Car Show at Syon Park come the culmination of lockdown at the end of June – and where better to start this magical journey down memory lane than with a single-cylinder, three-wheeled 1886 Benz Motorwagen, the pioneering vehicle created by Carl Benz that is widely regarded as the world’s very first production car.

Only one of Benz’s original game-changing designs remains and that’s safely under lock and key in the Mercedes Museum. A number of exacting replicas, however, have been produced with official access to that original Benz and one of these remarkable ground-breakers will be taking pride of position at one end of the ‘Evolution of Design’ collection at this summer’s sparkling Show.

What’s more, this forerunner will not only be on display but it’s 954cc engine will be fired up and a far from mighty 0.75bhp unleashed on the special demonstration Avenue at Syon Park. With a heady top speed of just eight mph the primitive Benz Motorwagen won’t be the most spectacular beast revving up at The London Classic Car Show but, as the world’s first combustion-engined motor car, the history-changer will certainly be the most significant and intriguing. Visitors will marvel at one of the great leaps of mankind.